Ministry Overview


The Night Shepherd

Cultivating a sustainable outreach program designed to reach anyone that is going through a difficult life situation of any circumstance.

Raising awareness to the results of compromising standards to be successful.

Establishing programs that will serve anyone through healing.

Arranging support meet-ups with core values for young adults working in the entertainment & fashion industry.

Taking away pressures of negative influence.

Equipping others to love and serve people around them.


Harvest House

Ranae speaks at Harvest House Sober Living for Women every first Monday of the month. The house is owned by Lisa, an officer and member of the Board of the Los Angeles County Sober Living Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the operation and management of sober living homes. Lisa practiced labor, employment, and trial law before retiring in 2007. She is a frequent speaker on recovery at hospitals, treatment centers and writes a CNN blog on recovery. Ranae speaks on topics of forgiveness, acceptance, and sharing the message of Christ's love.



The EBI program at the women's Lynwood correctional facility is a program that helps women incarcerated learn life skills, therapy and educational resources to not become repeat offenders. The program offers tools to equip the women to be able to navigate opposite their past and current circumstances to ensure a successful life once they are released. Ranae's role within the program is providing a spiritual mentorship aspect in being able to speak to the entire module of over 250 inmates on the love of Jesus but also do small group studies with 10 women or less helping them more on an individual basis understand the Bible and their identity in Christ rather than the world.