Don't be a bitter Betty

1 Corinthians 15:57 “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 


Every November everyone on Facebook for only one month on a daily basis shouts everything they are thankful for! I think it is neat to see and honestly appreciate the break it gives me from the news and constant Internet battles but as we all know we should be thankful everyday. But this blog isn’t about thankfulness, it is about how to be grateful for who Jesus is and the blessing he is by himself alone and not be bitter by what we feel he is NOT doing for us which in turn will make us continually thankful. 


When we got married three years ago we had a plan, we knew what we wanted to do and when we wanted to do it, we knew right away we were not ready to have a family but that when we were ready we would decide. Well God found that hilarious, because when our time came to be ready, he had a different plan. We have not been able to have a family as of yet and trying has been quite a process. It has made me personally go crazy, have all kinds of emotions from anger of hearing about a one night stand pregnancy, to bitter of the lady who is having her 7th child, to wondering if really I ever am going to be able to have this desire filled or will it forever be a dream? All the while I cringe to read a pregnancy announcement, loved being bloated after a meal in hopes to get some kind of visual of what I might look like one day if I am able to get pregnant and have a belly, and the mere slight inconvience of a headache or nauseous ness from taking vitamins on an empty stomach gives me thrills that maybe today is the day I become a mom. The constant no on the pregnancy test makes me wonder if it ever will come back positive or if I should just save our money and stop buying them. 


The time we have spent trying has given me a totally different outlook on my relationship with Christ though, basically it has been my time to grow up! I have learned that Jesus gave us salvation which is gift enough. In the Bible as far as our daily needs he only promises food and raiment 1 Timothy 6:8 “And having food and raiment let us therewith be content.” So why do we always feel entitled to more? Society has a lot to do with it, the social status of you get married, have kids, have grandkids, that’s the circle. While the family is important to God and he instituted it, Christ died for us to have a relationship with him and he never promised us a family, Paul never had a family yet he was blessed not bitter about it and did so much for the Lord out of his willing life and being truly, solely content with salvation alone and just serving Jesus. Bitterness will creep in any way possible if you allow it. We must learn to be content solely with Jesus and the victory we have through him. Instead of constantly being bitter or annoyed, I now am seizing the day and doing all I can for the Lord in areas I might not be able to if I was a full time mom, I am just also learning that my days are numbered and short and he could take me home before I ever have a family and do I want to meet him knowing I chased my tail , pouting about not being a mom or will I meet him excited for all those I got to meet along the way and tell about him in my time of ample availability. When you’re thankful you have no time to be bitter. No matter what the situation that brings on bitterness or disappointment in this life, the love of Jesus can cover your heart and mind so that you can be free. By remembering and meditating on the love of Christ for you, you will long for his presence and peace. In the forest of bitterness, we forget how much we are loved. This love of God not only sent his Son to die for you, but his love also wants the best for you in this lifetime. So my question to you is you may not be struggling with wanting a baby, but is there something you are battling God with in your mind and your thoughts or can you truly be content if all he ever gives you is salvation and a home in heaven with him for all eternity?